My Process

A tried and tested process, which helps to keep track
and ensures the best possible solution for your challenge - in an efficient way.

Basically, the process leads to a better solution for less money!
How great is that?

Step 1: Strategy

The diagnose before treatment.

Strategy is the foundation on which anything is based on.
So before we start to create, we want to know, why, what and for whom.
And... I'm really sorry, but it's not about you -
it's about your customers, clients and community members.
A good comparison is: Before you get treatment by a doctor, there will be a diagnose.
Strategy is the diagnose and treatment is problem solving / creation.
This could be anything between a 2-hours session and a 2-day workshop,
depending on the project and on how much of a developed brand you have.

Strategy is crucial for a perfect result.

Step 2: Concept

Words matter.

First creative step is to brainstorm and write down concepts and ideas.

Step 3: Moodboard


Moodboards help you to imagine, how your design might look like, without creating something new.

Step 4: Layouts

Let's explore!

After discussing the moodboards and concepts -
narrowing them down to a favourite one - it's time for layouts.
Creating layouts means: Taking the strategic foundation, the concept and the final moodbaord
and creating something new and unique out of it.
A new design, that's made especially for you is developed.

Step 5: Design

Here it is.

Layouts are fine-tuned and adapted to all applications you need,
like a logo for example, presentation templates, business cards and a styleguide.

Step 6: Animation

Moving experiences.

The design is set in motion.
That could be a logoanimation, a brand film or product video or animated instagram posts.

Step 7: Delivery

Finally all yours...

Everything you need, to use the new design is yours now.