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Recent Clients
my name is manuel


There was a time, about 20 years ago, when I found my way into Motion Design...
Yay! I do creative stuff, for a long time now -
and still love it!
Playing around with fonts, forms and colours...
Not quite that simple, but still...
Best job in the world!
Seriously, any good design needs a strategy.
That's what all my stuff is based on. We want to make sure, that we find the best possible solution for your challenge.
So before playing - we diagnose... Principle!
And by the way... I am not alone.
There's a huge network of very talented people,
I can rely on.

more About me
the magic behind creating

My Process

It all starts with... Nothing!
Meaning with an open mind... With curiosity about the "why" and "what" of your service / business / product, clients and goals.
I want to know everything!
That's the only way, we find the best possible solution for your challenge.
And with "we" - I mean you and me.
Because this is a team effort...

My process
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