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My name is Manuel.

There was a time, about 20 years ago, when I found my way into digital design...
Yay! I do creative stuff, for a long time now - and still love it!
Playing around with fonts, forms and colours...
Not quite that simple, but still... Best job in the world!
Seriously, any good design needs a strategy.
That's what all my stuff is based on. We want to make sure, that we find the best possible solution for your challenge.
So before playing - we diagnose... Principle!
And by the way... I am not alone. There's a huge network of very talented people, I can rely on.

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My Process:

The magic behind creating.

It all starts with... Nothing!
Meaning with an open mind... With curiosity about the "why" and "what" of your service / business / product, clients and goals.
I want to know everything!
That's the only way, we find the best possible solution for your
And with "we" - I mean you and me. Because this is a team effort...

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What is Strategy?

Strategy is the diagnose, before treatment.
You spend money on a logo or design and strategy makes sure, that your new logo or design aligns with your customers' needs and your business goals. So strategy makes you spend your money wisely.

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